Understanding Grief and Loss

Deepen your understanding of the journey of grief not only for your own self but also for giving the best of care and support to those walking this path.

Life and Business Coach Clare Ayers will empower you or your team to reach your full potential in your personal and professional life.

Life and Business Coaching

Coaching is working with someone on a one-on-one basis assisting them toward achieving their goals and dreams.

As a Sports Coach works with an individual or a team toward helping them achieve their sporting goals, a Life Coach works with you to ensure you reach your personal life goals and dreams.

A Business Coach works with you in your business to ensure you achieve your business or work goals.

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Understanding Yourself; 
Understanding Others


  • Do you ever wonder why some people think or react so differently from you?
  • Or even why you think or respond as you do?
  • Do you ever wonder what unique gifts and skills you bring into the world?
  • Or what sort of job you would enjoy?

If you have these or any other questions about how to understand people and get the best out of your relationships with people then you will benefit from working with me.
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Clare works with individuals or with groups educating, enlightening, and empowering them to understand and support through any loss including death, redundancy, and disability.


Member of NALAG  

Member of LCA


Member of NZAPT.




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